My name is Sav, short for Savannah. I am a young, fun loving human with a passion for people, love and puppies. Oh, and photos too! I am driven by a desire see love continue to be the greatest force on earth (and also have a cup of tea in bed, watching Netflix with my doggo). I might not be the best dancer on the dance floor at 1am in the morning but I'll happily jam out to Toto's Africa, Bohemian Rhapsody, or Brittany Spears alike.

I started taking photos with my sisters camera when I was 15, and bought by first DSLR a year later. I seek raw photos taken from honest moments, and alway want to give you the closest thing thing to the real memory I can.

Giving is something that is extremely valuable to me, so for every booking made, 10% is donated to Black Dog Institute (or another charity of your choosing!)

I would love to have a chat to see what I can do for you!